Who's Visited?

Kennels that have been represented at PooF trails:

413 H3

Atlanta H3

Baltimore-Annapolis H3

Bejing H3

Big Hump H3

Black Sheep H3

Border Jumpers H3

Boston H3

Boston BallBusters H3

Boston Moon H3

Burlington H3

Carolina Trash H3

Chicago H3

C*mbridge H3


Da Pitts H3

DC Harriettes and Harriers H4

Eager 4 Beaver H3

Flour City H3

Fort Collins H3

Halve Mein H3

Happy Valley H3

Hudson Valley H3

Houston H3

Keene H3

Knuckledraggers H3

Little Rock H3

Long Beach H3

Nittany Valley H3

Northboro H3

Pittsburgh H3

PorMe H3

Poultney H3

Reno H3

Rhode Island H3

Rotten Groton H3

San Antonio H3

San Diego H3

Sarasota Circus H3

Seacoast H3

Seattle H3

Skull and Boners H3

Southside H3

VooDoo H3


The PooFlingers appreciate your support, and hope to visit your kennel soon!