I Want In!

To be absolutely clear, you do not need to do any of the following to become a hasher nor, to hash with the PooFlingers (although you do need to be 21yrs old to hash with PooF H3)!  That said....

To become an official PooFlinger:

1.  Tell Bleeps or Nips as soon as you are interested so we can keep track of the following things for you

2.  Hash 5 official PooF trails

3.  Hare 1 official PooF trail

4.  Attend 1 event within your home kennel's geographical area, but not for your home kennel.  For example, if you are from Boston, you need to go to an event in New England (such as Burlington Invihash, The GAP, etc) and be able to prove it.  The event needs to be something you have to register for, not a regular trail or a regular trail that happens to be taking a cranium count that day, and  done within 12mo after you start hashing with the PooF.

5.  Attend 1 event outside your home kennel's geographical area.  For example, if you are from Burlington, you must do a hash outside of New England (such as NURD, TXIH, etc.) and be able to prove it.  The event needs to be something you register for, not a regular trail or a regular trail that happens to be taking a cranium count that day, and done within 12mo after starting to hash with the PooF.

6.  Do 3 random tasks while at a PooF trail.  Choose two from the list on this website and let Bleeps or Nips know ahead of time which trail(s) you'll be doing them on.  A third task will be assigned to you the day you become eligible to become a PooF.  In theory, if you meet all the requirements of 1-5, this could happen as early as your 7th PooF trail (if deemed worthy of course).  Keep in mind that ALL of the above requirements need to be completed within one year of your declaring your desire to become a PooFlinger.

****** WE ASPIRE TO BE A DRAMA-FREE ENVIRONMENT.  As such, mismangement reserves the right to not let someone become a PooFlinger if they show repeated lack of respect for the kennel, any of its members, or the places we do trail at or hold on-afters.  If behaviour is bad enough, we may ask that person to not come to our trails again.  If any official PooFlinger begins to exhibit these traits, we may ask them to not show up and not rego as a PooFlinger for any events untl they can stop being a douche.  Official PooFlingers will not be reimbursed the cost of their sash if they are asked to stop hashing with us.******

Why so many tasks?

Uh, genius, with the exception of #6, all you have to do is show up and hash which you were going to do anyway.  It's not much different than needing to do a certain amount of trails before a kennel will name you.

Why won't my home kennel's event count towards #4? and Why do I have to do an event ouside my geographical area for #5?

Because we want to promote people leaving the comfy confines of their home kennel and going to other places to see how other people do trails, what traditions they have, what songs they sing, etc.  We also want to be supportive of other kennels.  PooF's give a sh*t about hashing.  For those of you who missed 5th grade geography class, New England (MA, RI, NH, VT, CT, ME), Mid-Atlantic (MY, PA, NJ),  South Atlantic (DE, MD, VA, WV, DC, NC, SC, GA, FL), Midwest (OH, MI, WI, IL, IN, MO, ND, SD, MN, NE, KS, IA), South (KY, TN, MS, AL, OK, AR, TX, LA), Mountain (ID, MT, WY, NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM), and Pacific (WA, OR, CA, HI, AK).

What are the costs associated with becoming a PooFlinger?

In addition to paying hash cash when you show up for trail, you may have some minimal cost associated with purchasing items for your challenge.  For instance, if you attempt the "Barbie's C*mming" challenge, you need to buy your own spam.  Generally challenge items will not be provided by the kennel unless it is included in an event's registration cost.  Once you complete Items 1-6, you will get a sweet personalized sash only given to official PooFlingers - there will be a charge for this item in the $25-45 range depending on the number of challenge patches on it.

Current Challenges to choose from:

Barbie's C*mming - rated "spamalicious" by Siskel and Ebert

Evil Monkey - yup, it's all about that funky monkey.  DD required.


Sangrita Flip

Three Men and a Little Fishy

Winey B*tch  - DD required.  *Note, this is NOT Amy Winehands.  If you want to do Amy Winehands, visit our friends at the Carolina Trash.*

World Peace Thru Beer (applicable only at October's World Peace Thru Beer trail)

Bomb Squad - DD required

Nautical Mile - DD required

(Note, at least one GM must be present/a witness for challenges to be valid.  Challenges to occur at PooF trails, or at PooF-related events at the GMs discretion)

Do I have to be/want to be an official Pooflinger to run a PooF trail?

Absolutely not!  We welcome all hashers as long as you are over 21 years of age.

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