Welcome to the site of the PooFlingers H3 - a New England region traveling kennel!

Next Run Details:

 Trail #87 - August 19, 2017

Where: TBD

Time: 2:00p hares-away 


Hash Cash: $5 for trail and circle beverages and snacks.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

Trail Info:  Shiggy!  

Bring:  Shiggy socks, tic repelant, hash attire, whistle, mug, etc.

Pay-As-You-Go-On-After:  TBD

Dogs:  TBD

PooF H3 2017  Schedule

September - The Idiot Brigade IV (TuTu Fairy, Sphincter Scicle, and Buck-a-fuffalo are back for another sh*tty dunken adventure!)

October - PooF Middle of Nowhere (PMoN) IV, Nips and Bleeps, T2 R9, Maine

              - World Peace Thru Beer, hare needed

November - hare needed

December - hare needed


Please keep in mind, PooF H3 is a 21+ kennel.

Haberdashery we aim to bring to all trails, but doesn't always happen.  If there is something you're looking for, let us know ahead of time if you can so we can try to accomodate

The current regional breakdown of 'official' members by kennel is as follows:

5.1% from Rhode Island H3

15.4% from Vermont (Burlington H3, CVNT H3)

10.3% from western MA (Happy Valley H3, 413 H3, DaPittsH3)

51.2% from eastern MA kennels (Boston H3, Boston Moon H3, C*mbridge H3, Eager 4 Beaver H3)

15.4% from outside New England

2.6% from no particular kennel/homeless

Check out our Who's Visited page for a list of kennels whose members have joined us on trail.

Thanks to Piss Stop for the pictures!

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